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Betty Spark in Betty Sparks Lets Plummer Plough Her Asshole in Public Toilet GP1947

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I was taking a pee in the toilet of this bar when I realized there was someone else in there with me. As I wiped I saw some eyes looking through a crack in the door. I'm a liberal girl but a peeping tom is not what I expected. I realized it was a damn hot peeper though and I invited him into the cubicle. I told him that if he likes looking so much he should come in and have a proper look and I flashed him. Soon his cock was out and I was feasting on it until he was good and hard. Then he slipped it in my ass without even asking!!! Well it felt so good I didn't complain, and he started fucking my anus good and hard with long strokes as his orgasm began to build. The next thing I knew I could feel his hot cum raining down on my back... Mmmmm! Not bad seeing as I only went for a piss!

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